Visiting a Club Branch in NJ: A Hoarders-Like Episode…

We just came back from visiting a Club Branch in New Jersey, and what we experienced was almost a horrific scene that should be on an episode of Hoarders. The last time I experienced the need to clean-up was after discovering a family of mice decided to occupy my attic, but that event doesn’t compare to what transpired during the club visit, had I known what I saw beforehand, I would have invited the entire roster of members to help with the cleanup.

So what did we see that was so horrifying? What made my skin crawl and turned on my OCD switch? Well, truth be told it wasn’t disgusting and more of something outrageous. Years’ worth of accumulated equipment hoarded instead of being used or donated to those who might have been able to use it, some of which turned unusable due to improper storage. I was lucky to find a website of a dumpster rental company that could accommodate us so soon, the dumpster arrived in less than a day, and we were able to start working on cleaning out the club, I also had to call an electrical repair company to fix the wiring.

Bad News

It’s obvious enough that I had to ask the manager and current club officers to step down from their positions as they did not do a good job, in fact, I told them they did a terrible job. Most of them decided to quit the club, while some stayed to atone for their negligence.

Most of the equipment had to go to the dumpster, and some that could were sent to be recycled. A lot of waste came from the gross mishandling of the club, and there is nothing I hate more than wasting good things.

The Good

Though a majority of the equipment had to either be thrown out or recycled, some were still usable, and the club was able to have still enough of a surplus to give to the local community center for people interested in learning cricket to use.

While we were there, we decided to hold special elections for new officers and get a better manager for the club. The people we have chosen seem to be perfect for the job; they now give us weekly updates on their activities and inventory reports. Hopefully, with these guys at the helm, we won’t be needing to rent a dumpster any time soon, maybe even ever.


As most of our members know, we have a few branches and sister clubs around; I propose that we as the main club should send representatives to check on their progress. I believe that the New Jersey incident was an isolated incident, but I do not want to let what happened there to happen anywhere else.

Cricket is a game to be enjoyed and respected, which means that we should respect the equipment and property of the club, as the club is the gateway for children who could one day be pros to start their journey from, let’s not take that away from them.