Storage Problem with Cricket Equipment

The title is a bit of an understatement, the problem I am facing right now is slightly more serious than you’d think. Most of our equipment was donated by families and other Cricket organizations; because of this, we had a surplus of cricket bats. But the custodian discovered something a few nights ago; it seems as though that we have a termite problem. We’ve already contacted the best Pest Control Company Baytown and were able to salvage a few things. But we were supposed to give away the surplus to a few schools among other institutions, and now we are faced with a shortage. Atlanta Electricians fixed my solar panel.

There shouldn’t be any problem with procuring more equipment, but we’ve already set a date for the delivery. Truth be told I already know that there is nothing we can do but tell them what happened and reschedule the delivery, I am sure they would understand. There’s also a good chance that someone from one of the institutions is reading this right now, so I apologize in advance! I’ve already gotten in touch with our contacts, so worry not about the equipment reaching the kids, it’s the time that is the problem as it would take time for them to deliver the equipment to us.

Hopefully, everything will be straightened out and workout.