Pre-Season Happenings On The Cricket Field

It is exciting that our much awaited Cricket season is almost here. Just a few weeks to go and it’s April! For avid fans, it is a time to prepare everything that will make viewing the game much enjoyable. It is going to be another memorable moment spent cheering for our favorite teams.

However, have you ever wondered about the preparations done on the pitch? Unlike indoor sports where you could just mop the courts, Cricket fields require more time and attention. It is interesting to know about the great work done before the league season arrives.

As early as January, the Cricket pitch managers starts the pre-season grooming activities on the field. It is in spite of the year-round maintenance activities already performed to keep the field in tip-top shape.

The field manager and the staff have a working knowledge of what is required and expected to achieve the desired function of the Cricket field. The ideal Cricket field should be even, without any bumps or dents that can affect the players’ performance. It should also be dense enough to provide a proper bouncing surface for the ball. The turf grass used should be hardy enough to weather the rigors of the game.

There are several activities involved in completing the pre-season maintenance of the Cricket field. Let us know more about each step.

Pest Control

It is important to employ professional pest control experts to prevent pests such as Fusarium and excessive earthworm activity that could destroy the pitch even before the game starts. These guys from the pest control company are our partners in ensuring that the area manager does not have to deal with pest problems once the game season starts.


It is an essential step in Cricket pitch maintenance. The primary objective of rolling is to make the soil compressed down to at least 100mm in depth before the game starts. Rolling the field during the pre-season helps reduce the need to wet the soil, and it allows the soil to recover faster because it can dry faster.

If there are enough workforce, the staff could roll the field on a daily basis at least one month prior to the start of the Cricket league.


A good trim is necessary to keep the turf grass in good shape. The grass needs to be gradually cut until it reaches the ideal length during the league season. Cutting it bit-by-bit will prevent over-thinning of the grass cover.  


This process aims to expose a little bit of soil on the pitch. It should be performed carefully to ensure that the grass cover is not excessively thinned out during the process. A good grass root system will also prevent the soil from getting brittle.

Drag brushing

This process aims at lifting the grass blades upright. It will help the grass to receive adequate aeration. This process will also disperse any earthworm cast that could smother the grass and attract nuisance weeds.

Taking care of the Cricket pitch involves extensive effort to prepare it for the league. Surely, this made you appreciate and respect the game much more.