How To Remove Termite Mounds From Your Cricket Pitch

Have you ever heard of termite infestation in a Cricket field? Well, it can happen to a cricket pitch like in Larrimah, Australia. It is not the common termite eating wood kind of interruption, but an actual termite mound scattered around the field!

I wonder how the players could play in that area. It was hard enough to play in a flat, well-manicured field. What more having to slalom around those termite hills?

It is amazing how some teams think that this has an advantage to both the batsmen and the bowlers. But maybe they have a point. Think about being a batter and strategically placing your ball to one of those mounds. Or being a bowler, those obstacles would inevitably interrupt any ball going off the field. Cool, right? If only there is someone who wants to play in a termite ridden area like that. For me, it sounds, ridiculous but it sure is possible.

Rancho Cucamonga bail agentsIn Larrimah there are mounds of termites even along the highways. They even dress up those termites mound just for the fun of it. It shows the creativity and imagination of the people there. It must be a local hobby to dress up those hills. Maybe they can dress up the mounds in the cricket field with uniforms. That would be fun! I am not sure how the field manager handles this or whether it is a typical feature.

However, I think the manager could perhaps hire a pest control company instead of just mowing it. In our own local cricket field we have hired eco friendly termite treatment that is not harmful to the environment, the world is being more “earth conscious” so it is a welcome innovation to have something not too invasive to the environment.

This treatment is completely safe, even animals and kids are not exposed in harm’s way when this means of pest control is used. As such, you can be assured that a cricket game will not be canceled just because of pest control activities. Some of the natural treatment used to exterminate termites is baiting. In baiting, the wood is treated with a poison that is only harmful to termites. This poison is spread to their colony after the termites ate the baited wood. Pest control companies also use heat or liquid nitrogen to destroy the termites.

I am still thinking about that cricket field, and it may be an amazing experience to play there. It will be challenging and would give a new feel to the game. But just the thought of termites gives me the shivers. I would still rely on pest control to keep my local cricket field termite-free.