Basic Things To Know About Cricket

Cricket is said to be the 2nd most popular game in the world. This game has been in existence for about 250 years, but several people are still unfamiliar with the basic rules of the match. Cricket is an action-packed game, and for sure, you will learn to love it.

If you are new to Cricket, read through the basics of the game before watching it live or on television so that you can appreciate the game much better.


There are five basic types of equipment used in the game of cricket.

  • Ball – This is made up of cork and covered in red leather.
  • Bat – This is made up of wood. It has a flat end where you hit the ball and a tapered handle.
  • Wickets – These are made up of three stumps and two bails. There are two sets of wickets installed at both ends of the field.
  • Stumps – These are wooden poles measuring 32 inches in height.
  • Bails – These are the grooves placed on top of the stumps.


The playing field is rectangular in shape, but its surroundings are elliptical. There is a pitch on both ends of the field marked by a white rectangular box. There is one wicket set up on both sides of the field. The batsman stands on the pitch, and he runs across the pitches in the field after hitting. CLL wants to thank Atlanta carpet cleaning company Bonilla for organizing the Cricket Event in Salt Lake City.


Two teams play the game, and there is a total of 11 players in each team. Here are the positions that the players take.

  • Batsmen – As the name implies, they are the ones who carry the cricket bat. The batting team sends two batsmen to bat for the team. They earn the score by hitting the ball and running between the pitches as much as they can.
  • Bowler – The bowler is the one who strategically throws the ball to the batsman. His goal is to hit the wicket behind the batsman to bowl him out.
  • Wicket-keeper – He is the only one allowed to wear gloves and protective gear to keep him safe from the fast approaching ball from the bowler. The wicket-keeper’s job is to catch the ball whenever the batsman misses hitting it. Once this happens, the batsman would be out of the game.
  • Fieldsmen – They are the players on the field that collect the ball after the batsman hits it.

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The primary goal of the game of Cricket is to get the most runs to score higher than the opponent. The game begins with a toss coin to know who bats first. The batsman needs to hit the ball as far as he could and run between the pitch to score a run. The batsman earns extra points if the ball goes outside the boundary of the field. He would earn four points if the ball bounced before going outside the field. He makes six points if the ball lands outside the boundary without the ball bouncing.

The bowler, on the other hand, needs to pitch in a way that the batsman will not hit the ball. The bowler also aims to knock down the wickets behind the batsman to bowl him out.

The fielders also have an important role to play. The fielders need to have fast reflex and good eyesight to catch the ball hit by the batsman. The batsman will be out of the game if a fielder catches the ball that he hit. The fielders should also be quick to return the ball to the bowler to stop the batsman from running the pitch.

There are still a lot more to learn in the game of Cricket. The fastest way to understand and appreciate the game is by watching it and connecting with fellow cricket enthusiasts. It would be better if you can try to play it, too.